Zinger in the Woods Book Description Page

Zinger In The Woods has motivated children around the world to open their hearts and make new friends. This pawtastic story about Olive, a science wiz kid, Ginger, a health conscious hound dog, and Zen, a courageous Australian shepherd who lives all alone in the woods encourages children to persevere through adversity, solve real world problems, and overcome trust issues.

Zinger In The Woods was retold by, husband and wife authors, Mark and Tiesha Becker. The former elementary school teachers were inspired to create a children’s book after fostering three malnourished puppies. Zinger In the Woods reflects the lessons they learned from being parents, doggie parents, and teachers for over thirty years.

According to the Literacy Project Foundation, In middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of books per child is 13 to 1, in low-income neighborhoods, the ratio is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children. Please help M.T. Becker provide a brighter future for At Risk Children by purchasing Zinger In The Woods. 10% of all proceeds will be used to buy age appropriate books for children living in low-income neighborhoods.


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