Happy Herbs Plant Fertilizer Formula For Sale

Happy Herbs is 100% organic. It helps prevent Insect Attacks and Grey Mold throughout your plants’ entire life cycle. One 16 oz concentrated bottle will make up 95 gallons of fertilizer. Happy Herbs can be used as a standalone fertilizer or use with other fertilizers. Happy Herbs has a two year shelf life when stored in a dark dry place at room temperature.

Recommended Indoor Application in Tsp/Gallons

First Spray Plants and soil 30 days after germination or 15 days after transplanting½  tsp
SecondSpray Plants 10 days after first feeding1 tsp
ThirdSpray Plants 10 days after second feeding1 to
1 ½  tsp
FourthSpray Plants 10 days after third feeding1 to
1 ½ tsp
Fifth Spray Plants 10 days after fourth feeding 1 to
2 tsp
Six and FollowingSpray Plants Every Ten Days after Fifth feeding 1 to
2 tsp
XStop Feeding Plants three weeks before harvestingX

Recommended Outdoor Application in Tsp/Gallons

FirstWater Plants and soil 30 days after seed germination Or 15 days after transplanting ½  tsp
Second and FollowingWater plants once a month 1 tsp
XStop Feeding Plants three weeks before harvestingX

Contains: Crushed shrimp and crab shells, lemongrass essential oil, vitamins C

Certified Analysis:

Phosphorus = 0.1, Potassium = 1, Calcium = 5,

Magnesium = 1, Sulfur = 1, Boron = 0.1

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