PART 1: Overall Comprehension

1.  Retell Zinger In The Woods from beginning to end aloud to a friend or family member.

2.  Write a summary of Zinger In The Woods. The summary should ONLY include the most important events.






3. Number the five events in sequential order.

A. Ginger fell into the hole.   ______

B. Ginger noticed ice cracking around Zen’s feet.  _____

C.  Olive’s mother suggested that maybe Ginger needed some fresh air.  ______

D.  Zen sees Ginger laying in the hole. _____

E.  Olive and her father search the woods for Ginger.  _____


PART 2: Multiple Choice Questions

4. Name the scientific skills Olive used to identify the animals she saw in the park?

A. Olive made a prediction and a hypothesis.

B. Olive conducted an experiment and made a conclusion.

C.  Olive observed and classified the animals in the park.


5. Olive daydreamed about being on a _______________ expedition.

A. North Pole

B. South Pole

C. North Arctic


6. Which one of these animals are cold-blooded?

A. birds

B. snakes

C. bats


7. Which one of these animals are nocturnal?

A. dogs

B. owls

C. human beings


8. What life skill did Zen use to help Ginger out of the hole?

A. procrastination

B. pulley

C. perseverance


9. Name the simple machine Ginger and Zen built in Chapter 3.

A. pulley system

B. wedge

C. lever


10. “Olive ran down the hill and beamed her flashlight into the hole, but all she saw was a ______________.”

A. snowshoe rabbit

B. Ginger’s paw prints

C. Her dad’s reflection in the snow


11. Why did the biggest duck want to boost Zen’s memory with nutritious frozen blueberries?

A. The biggest duck wanted Zen to remember the sound wave’s words.

B.  The biggest duck heard Zen’s stomach growling.

C.  The biggest duck knew Zen was lost in the woods.


12. Which one of Zen’s siblings was adopted first?

A. Ginger

B. Faith

C. Pax


13. Olive saw Ginger running home before she ran past her parents screaming, “It’s Ginger! It’s Ginger!”

A. False

B. True


PART 3: Short Answer Questions

14. Would you have welcomed Zen into your home and hearts? Why or Why not?



15. Why did Zen think Olive’s parents might not like him?




PART 4: Reading Fluency

17. Read chapter two aloud. Record your fluency time and any mispronounced words.

Time _______________          mispronounced words ____________