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Juicing for Joy Throwbacks

A few throwback pictures of me doing what I do best-sharing knowledge. Teaching is a part of my fiber and I love sharing healthy knowledge with everybody, especially the younger generations. It’s my mission to enlighten as many as possible about using nutrient-dense food as medicine. I don’t know it all but what I do know I am going to share!

Better than the rest!

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what makes my fresh pressed juice better than all the rest? I answered, you can taste the love in mine! ;-))) That is my response every time I am asked this question. But this time I really started to think about it. Juice bars are popping up on every other corner these days, offering healthy combinations for health conscious people on the go. And even people that aren’t as conscious about their health are beginning to become curious about fresh pressed juice. So, what does separate me from the rest of the Juiceologists?


  1. You can really taste the love in every juice combination that I make!
  2. My passion to help people is captured in each bottle
  3. Food combination is my first priority;taste is second
  4. I customize my juices to fit my customers needs
  5. I consult with support not judgement
  6. I walk the walk..juicing every day
  7. I am a people person which has helped me connect with so many great spirits along this journey
  8. My focus is whole body
  9. Sells don’t inspire me; helping someone create a healthy lifestyle does
  10. It’s damn good juice!!

What’s your favorite Beyond Blends combination and why?


Day 5…Juice Feast Finale!

Juice Warriors!!!

Day five…feeling more alive. Thanks for going on this journey with me. I really needed to reboot my system after getting off track over the holiday season! Also, thanks for the constructive criticism on how to be a better YouTuber;-) I am grateful to have people in my life that are excited to support my growth. Love, Health, and Wealth…

Enjoy the rest of your feast day!

Input and Output…

Hey Health Warriors!!!

I know we don’t talk about this because it’s not “proper”, but it’s a natural thing to do. I know some people that go only twice a month! YIKES!!! I would be mentally and physically sick if I don’t go everyday. Everybody system flows differently, however, all of our organs have the same functions. Months of back up on your colon leads to sickness. Remember, your gut lining is the core of your body’s immune system..Health is wealth!!

I hope your day is full of love, peace, and bowel movements!

Day 3

Ok, I’m feeling less tired today. Trying not to overdo it;-0 Why do we feel the need to always be busy? Whenever I feast, I have to remind myself that I am giving my body less therefore I need to do less. Less is More! Sending healthy vibes your way…Health is wealth!!

How’s your day going?

Day 2

So, it’s day 2 of our feast and I am feeling a little tired! It’s important to remember to rest your mind and spirit, as you allow your body to rest from the inside. If you workout keep it simple and easy. I plan to keep it simple tomorrow! Herbal tea and a detox bath is in order;-)  Until we meet again…Health is wealth!!!

Day 1…….

First day of our five day juice feast completed with wisdom and grace! I’ll be sharing more videos of me juicing tomorrow.  I hope your first day was full of inspiration and energy;-) Time for herbal tea and a detox bath…. Health is wealth!!