Sweet Sandia

A throwback picture for what’s to come this summer season, Sweet Sandia! I eat or juice watermelons all summer for myself, Mark, and my clients. It’s so hydrating and nutritious.…

The Perfect Pick

How to pick the perfect watermelon: 5 key tips from an experienced farmer

Once A Day….

Man Up!

Soft Neck Soft Shoulders

Wonder Green Powers… Activate!

Out in the yard today and what did we see? Collard greens! I grow my own food. What’s your SuperPower?

Purple Passion

1/4 Red cabbage 2 apples(Granny Smith or Fuji if you need a little more sweetness) 1 cucumber 1 lime peeled Juice in this order: Red cabbage, lime, cucumber, and apple.…

Avocado Delight

Natural sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what this smoothie is made of. 1/2 of a small to medium-sized ripe avocado 1 handful of organic spinach 1 cup of fresh pressed…

Light and Love

Mark keeps me lifted up! Having fun at a yoga workshop for couples. #yogalove #yogainspiration #yinyang  #spirit #mind #body #mtbecker #breathewiththeflowoflife #livegrowsustain #share #receive #freshpressedyoga available on Amazon

Rest and Restore

Restorative poses are so important for a world that needs to be restored.  Throughout my teaching experience, I have noticed that restorative poses are the most challenging because you have…