I used to be a die-hard store bought protein powder connoisseur. But it can be expensive and you really don’t know who processed it or where it was processed.  So I just make my own delicious protein shakes! This one has hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds grounded into powder, walnuts, no strain homemade almond milk, unsalted unsweetened sunflower butter, a date, and cacao. I’m at the age where I have to keep my metabolism in check and this protein dense shake helps me. You’ll never hear me say I’m too old to do this or that. Off to the trails with Ginger and Zen! Breathe with the flow of life…
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1 cup of  almond milk

1 tsp of Cacao powder

2 tbsp of  hemp seeds

1 tbsp of walnuts

2 tbsp of  unsalted unsweetened sunflower butter

2 tbsp of pumpkin seed powder

1 Medjool date…don’t forget to take the pit out

Place all the ingredients in your blender, blend until smooth, and Breathe with the flow of life!


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