I can’t be without my greens! It’s something about how they make me feel. My mind is clearer, my thoughts are fluid, and my body is energized. It doesn’t matter if it’s one of my favorite greens juices, Green Goddess, or a plate full of sauteed collards. I need to eat something green almost every day. I blame it on my grandmother. When I was about 3 or 4, she would cook a huge pot of spinach. I mean HUGE!! We would eat it until we couldn’t eat anymore along with some hot water cornbread. Talk about good clean eating.

I believe that is why my body has become used to experiencing the joy that they bring. When I don’t feed my body nutrient-dense foods my mind is foggy, my thoughts are shallow, and my body feels drained. Juicing leafy greens always gives me a mind, spirit, and body reboot. I can’t wait to grow my own this season. Thanks, grandma for prepping me for the lifestyle that I live today!

Who or what inspires you to eat nutrient-dense foods?


  1. Mimi says:

    Watching those beautiful plants grow from the earth is always an inspiration! My lemongrass plants are literally taller than my house! My peach trees are starting to produce their first fruits of the season. Now we just have to make plans to secure a fence or a barrier to prevent the wildlife from consuming all of goodies we are planting for our garden. Excited!

    • Mimi!! I am going to grow lemongrass this season. That peach tree sounds delicious! We have an audience of wildlife in our yard every year. The skunks get my doggies evertime…not cool! We always plant more because we know the deer are going to have a field day. Keep me posted on what you grow this season. Thanks for sharing!!!

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