I always get asked the question, “Tie what kind of juicer should I buy?” There are so many out there promising great results, but the proof is in the juice!  When I first started on my juicing journey, I bought the Jack Lalanne. Once I used that, with unsatisfactory results, I ventured out and discovered the Breville. I love my Breville! Even though it isn’t a cold-pressed juicer, I still love it. I love the large feeding chute.  This feature saves you a few minutes of prep time. Because it is a centrifugal juicer,  you may have a lot of pulp after juicing but you can always throw that back through the juicer or blend it up to get the fiber.
My second love is the Omega 8000 series.  I have the 8006 and 8009 editions. These are cold-pressed juicers. The pulp is extracted at a slow speed, it generates less heat, and preserves more enzymes. And the cleanup time is amazing! This juicer changed the juice game for me! It is a little more expensive than the Breville but well worth every penny. Also, the warranty is for 15 years compared to 1 year for the Breville.
So, to answer the question, you are going to reap nutrient dense benefits whichever juicer you decide to buy. How much money you decide to invest in your health journey is up to you. Just remember, juicers are beginning to be like cell phones, there’s always a new edition coming out.  So try not to get caught up in the hype. Get caught up in the health and wellness of being a Health Warrior!


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