Ok, I’m over this weather!  Now usually I am one with Mother Nature. I spend a lot of time outside no matter how cold it is. My winter gear keeps me cozy and warm. Feeling the crisp air caress my face, reminding me to wrap my scarf around it. Watching Ginger and Zen run through the snow chasing after their balls. Listening to the birds sing a happy song with cold air heating up their rhythm. But I am ready to grow some food!
I’m getting anxious! Anxious about how much deeper our souls of the soil is going to be. What’s going to bloom; what’s not going to bloom? What will we learn about ourselves this season?  Mother Nature, please spare me.
I need to feel the wiggle of a worm on my hands.  I need to smell the sweet air of compost.  I need to be needed by the spicy mustard greens and picky pickles. Mother Nature, please spare me!

I need to, Breathe with the flow of life, today!


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