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Rest and Restore

Restorative poses are so important for a world that needs to be restored.  Throughout my teaching experience, I have noticed that restorative poses are the most challenging because you have to go deep within and be still! Going deep within and being still can be scary in a world that is constantly moving mindlessly.


“I am here in my body and all is well;I connect easily and often with nature.” ~ChakraLover

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Heartfelt Review


This review made my day! The woman who opened up her heart and poured everything that she knew about yoga out! My teacher! I was so nervous for her to read it and waited on the edge of my seat to hear her thoughts. I am very grateful!

Tie, it is a work of art! The pictures, the writing, the clear heartfelt intention that comes through in the entire book. I love that your sweet husband is part of it too!! I am so happy and proud I know you! You rock the yoga, juice world.

lots of loves and hugs!!!