I have been making bone broth soup lately because it is supposed to have a lot of health benefits.  I wanted to start bringing lean meat back into my diet, but I didn’t want go head on. Baby steps!  I got the recipe from Wellness Mama. I have been drinking a cup every morning for the past two weeks as a tea before breakfast. Well, the other day I went to Pure Pastures to pick up my marrow bone and the lady suggested that I add chicken feet to my broth for extra nutrients as well as to boost the collagen level. Despite how it looked I bought it! Hey, more collagen equals more healthy hair;-) 

It didn’t change the flavor, but I could tell that my broth was a little thicker. This is my second batch using the chicken feet. The ones in the picture are frozen, that’s why they look so pinkish red. So cheers to longer, stronger hair! And baby steps to bringing lean meat back into my diet, which by the way, I made bison nachos the other day and they were DELICIOUS!!! Of course the bison was grass fed. If I’m going to eat meat it has to be top notch! Balance, Health, and Wealth!!


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