Someone asked me a few weeks ago what makes my fresh pressed juice better than all the rest? I answered, you can taste the love in mine! ;-))) That is my response every time I am asked this question. But this time I really started to think about it. Juice bars are popping up on every other corner these days, offering healthy combinations for health conscious people on the go. And even people that aren’t as conscious about their health are beginning to become curious about fresh pressed juice. So, what does separate me from the rest of the Juiceologists?


  1. You can really taste the love in every juice combination that I make!
  2. My passion to help people is captured in each bottle
  3. Food combination is my first priority;taste is second
  4. I customize my juices to fit my customers needs
  5. I consult with support not judgement
  6. I walk the walk..juicing every day
  7. I am a people person which has helped me connect with so many great spirits along this journey
  8. My focus is whole body
  9. Sells don’t inspire me; helping someone create a healthy lifestyle does
  10. It’s damn good juice!!

What’s your favorite Beyond Blends combination and why?



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