From Vegan to Chicken Feet!

I have been making bone broth soup lately because it is supposed to have a lot of health benefits.  I wanted to start bringing lean meat back into my diet,…

Better than the rest!

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what makes my fresh pressed juice better than all the rest? I answered, you can taste the love in mine! ;-))) That is…

Downward Facing Dog…

Ginger is making sure I get this pose done correctly! #yogaforall #21days21poses #diannebondyyoga #beyondblendsfreshpressedyoga 


Some people think using blocks during yoga is a sign of weakness, but it actually is a form of strength.  We have to learn to surrender to the support around…


Turnip the Beet!! Turnips, Beets, Ginger, Turmeric, Lime, & Apple Beyond Blends new edition is on the menu now.  It’s a knock out combination inspired by a knock out couple! Thanks…

Happy Baby

Surrendering to my inner child;-)


Getting stronger! Spirit, mind, and body..#yogaforall

Pigeon Pose

This hip opener will help release some left over negative emotions..Love and let go!! #yogaforall #21days21poses #diannebondyyoga

Experiments In Earth and Water Treatment

With the growing simplicity of my life, my dislike for medicines steadily increased. While practicing in Durban I suffered for some time from debility and rheumatic inflammation. Dr. P.J. Mehta,…

Dancer Pose

I love this pose!! I always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Very therapeutic.  #yogaforall #21days21poses