From January 2015

From Vegan to Chicken Feet!

I have been making bone broth soup lately because it is supposed to have a lot of health benefits.  I wanted to start bringing lean meat back into my diet, but I didn’t want go head on. Baby steps!  I got the recipe from Wellness Mama. I have been drinking a cup every morning for the past two weeks as a tea before breakfast. Well, the other day I went to Pure Pastures to pick up my marrow bone and the lady suggested that I add chicken feet to my broth for extra nutrients as well as to boost the collagen level. Despite how it looked I bought it! Hey, more collagen equals more healthy hair;-) 

It didn’t change the flavor, but I could tell that my broth was a little thicker. This is my second batch using the chicken feet. The ones in the picture are frozen, that’s why they look so pinkish red. So cheers to longer, stronger hair! And baby steps to bringing lean meat back into my diet, which by the way, I made bison nachos the other day and they were DELICIOUS!!! Of course the bison was grass fed. If I’m going to eat meat it has to be top notch! Balance, Health, and Wealth!!


Better than the rest!

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what makes my fresh pressed juice better than all the rest? I answered, you can taste the love in mine! ;-))) That is my response every time I am asked this question. But this time I really started to think about it. Juice bars are popping up on every other corner these days, offering healthy combinations for health conscious people on the go. And even people that aren’t as conscious about their health are beginning to become curious about fresh pressed juice. So, what does separate me from the rest of the Juiceologists?


  1. You can really taste the love in every juice combination that I make!
  2. My passion to help people is captured in each bottle
  3. Food combination is my first priority;taste is second
  4. I customize my juices to fit my customers needs
  5. I consult with support not judgement
  6. I walk the walk..juicing every day
  7. I am a people person which has helped me connect with so many great spirits along this journey
  8. My focus is whole body
  9. Sells don’t inspire me; helping someone create a healthy lifestyle does
  10. It’s damn good juice!!

What’s your favorite Beyond Blends combination and why?


Experiments In Earth and Water Treatment

ghandiWith the growing simplicity of my life, my dislike for medicines steadily increased. While practicing in Durban I suffered for some time from debility and rheumatic inflammation. Dr. P.J. Mehta, who had come to see me, gave me treatment, and I got well. After that, up to the time when I returned to India, I do not remember having suffered from any ailment to speak of.

But I used to be troubled with constipation and frequent headaches, while at Johannesburg. I kept myself fit with occasional laxatives and a well-regulated diet. But I could hardly call myself healthy, and always wondered when I should get free from the incubus of these laxative.

 About this time I read of the formation of a ‘No Breakfast Association’ in Manchester. The argument of the promoters was that Englishmen ate too often and too much, that their doctors’ bills were heavy because they ate until midnight, and that they should at least give up breakfast, felt that the argument did partly apply in my case. I used to have three square meals daily in addition to afternoon tea.I was never a spare eater, and enjoyed as many delicacies as could be had with a vegetarian and spice less diet. I scarcely ever got up before six or seven. I therefore tried the experiment. For a few days it was rather hard, but the headaches entirely disappeared. This led me to conclude that I was eating more than I needed.

But the change was far from relieving me of constipation. I tried Kuhne’s hipbaths, which gave some relief but did not completely cure me. In the meantime a German friend of mine who had a vegetarian restaurant placed in my hands Just’s Return to Nature. In this book I read about earth treatment. The author also advocated fresh fruit and nuts as the natural diet of man. I did not at once take to the exclusive fruit diet, but immediately began experiments in earth treatments, with wonderful results. The treatment consisted in applying to the abdomen a bandage of clean earth moistened with cold water and spread like a poultice on fine linen. This I applied at bedtime, removing it during the night or in the morning, whenever I happened to wake up. It proved a radical cure. Since then I have tried the treatment on myself and my friends and never had reason to regret it. In India I have not been able to try this treatment with equal confidence. For one thing, I have never had time to settle down in one place to conduct the experiments. But my faith in the earth and water treatment remains practically the same as before. Even today I give myself the earth treatment to a certain extent, and recommend it to my co-workers, whenever the occasion arises.

Though I have had two serious illnesses in my life, I believe that man has little need to drug himself. Nine hundred and ninety-nine cases out of a thousand can be brought round by means of a well-regulated diet, water and earth treatment, and similar household remedies. He who runs to the doctor, vaidya, or hakim for every little ailment, and swallows all kinds of vegetable and mineral drugs, not only curtails his life, but by becoming the slave of his body instead of remaining its master, loses self-control, and ceases to be a man.

So who is the master of your body, you or your doctor?

Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi
This excerpt was originally published in Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth