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The Young and the Healthy



Today I was totally in my zone….working with young people. They were such an awesome group as they listened to me educate them on the benefits of juicing and healthy eating. They loved the individual juices that I made for them before coming as well as the oranges,carrots,sweet potato, lemon, and ginger juice that I made for them during the presentation. Full of joy and peace BB family:-)

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Green Envy 2

1 handful of kale (about 4-5 leaves)

3 stalks of celery

2 apples

1/4 lemon

1/2 cabbage (cut cabbage in half, then cut that half in half, use only 4 ounces per serving because too much at once will cause gas and bloating)

Juice cabbage first, making sure to measure out 4 ounces for each serving that you plan to make. Each half of a half makes about 8 ounces. Continue with the rest of the ingredients. Pour in a jar, whisk, and enjoy!!!! This is is good one to add to your juice feast.

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Is It Ripe???


How do you know when your avocado is ripe? Take a peek under the dry little button on the stem end. If it’s green, then you will be rewarded with a perfect avocado. If it’s brown, then you will find a brown mess inside. Also, a ripe avocado will be dark in color that gives slightly when gently squeezed. Store them in the refrigerator only when they are ripe for about a week.