Just broke my five-day juicing feast with a cup of Gerson’s vegetable soup.  Gerson doesn’t believe in adding salt/sodium to your meals, which is not the reason I got it, The Tree House was out of seaweed soup, so I tried this one…pretty good! My feasting was easy, it’s breaking the feast that’s hard because you don’t won’t to shut down your digestive system by eating a full course heavy meal.  A few sips of the soup and I was full.  I usually take it slow for the first three days, soups, fresh veggie juice, fruit, and herbal teas.  Although my taste buds are screaming ETHIOPIAN FOOD PLEASEEEEE, I know my system would be upset with me, so I’ll have to honor those wishes next week;-#  My state of mind was at its highest! Talk about clairvoyance! If you went on this journey with me this week, please share.  Remember….Health is Wealth!!!!


Accept the present and intend the future.”  Deepak Chopra


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