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Mind, Body, and Soul Connection

Hey BeyondBlends Family,

I went to a holistic workshop the other day, which was awesome, and she(Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon) talked about negative thoughts and dis-ease in the body. Notice how I broke the word disease down. She gave us a handout with different dis-orders and the ego-driven tendencies that cause us to have destructive thought patterns.  I wanted to share a few with you. Let me know what you think….HEALTH is WEALTH!!!!!

ALLERGIES-Afraid of your own power. Who(not what) are you allergic to? This one had me thinking…

BACK PROBLEMS-Lack of support. (UPPER)-Feeling unloved. Holding back love. (MIDDLE)-Apprehensive;fearful;stuck. (LOWER)-Mental,financial and/or power struggles. Fear of Money.

BLOOD PRESSURE-(HIGH)Unsolved emotional problems;wanting to control everyone and everything. (LOW)Feeling unloved as a child or feeling defeated.

CHOLESTEROL/CIRCULATION-Needing to Let go and Flow. Fear of accepting and expressing emotions.

DIGESTIVE DISORDERS-Worry;not letting the self or the body relax.

FIBROID TUMORS-Over-responsibility;inability to release hurt from a partner.

HEART-Wanting to control everyone and everything;choosing money and materials over love.

LIVER-Chronic complaining;justifying fault-finding.

SINUS/RESPIRATORY-Restricted in expression;feeling trapped;overly sensitive.

SKIN PROBLEMS-Feeling threatened;not liking the Self’s image(Face).

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