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Hello BeyondBlends Family,

I have been training for the past ten weeks to prepare myself for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. Yes, I am doing it!!! Did you know that someone dies from breast cancer, somewhere in the world, every 74 seconds? I decided that it was time for me to do something that was bigger than my world of minute problems. I train with women who have gone through treatments, women that are going through it, or have family members that are going through it.  One woman’s mother died from breast cancer a few months ago and she found out that she had it a few days after her mother’s death. A month ago, she found out that she had brain cancer!!!! You would never know that this high spirited loving lady had a metal plate in her head, but she does.  As if she hadn’t been through enough, her fifteen year old daughter woke up to bloody breasts and is now waiting for the results. Her story really motivated me even more to walk for the cure. But I need to raise $2,300 in order to participate. I have raised $770 so far and I have less than thirty days until the event, which is August 17-19.  Will you consider donating any amount to help me reach my goal? You can go to, type in Tiesha Becker, and make a more than grateful donation. I have set a donation goal deadline for myself for August 1, 2012. I thank you in advance for your support.

Health is Wealth!



                        COURAGE STRENGTH FAITH HOPE

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Mind, Body, and Soul Connection

Hey BeyondBlends Family,

I went to a holistic workshop the other day, which was awesome, and she(Dr. Keefa Weatherspoon) talked about negative thoughts and dis-ease in the body. Notice how I broke the word disease down. She gave us a handout with different dis-orders and the ego-driven tendencies that cause us to have destructive thought patterns.  I wanted to share a few with you. Let me know what you think….HEALTH is WEALTH!!!!!

ALLERGIES-Afraid of your own power. Who(not what) are you allergic to? This one had me thinking…

BACK PROBLEMS-Lack of support. (UPPER)-Feeling unloved. Holding back love. (MIDDLE)-Apprehensive;fearful;stuck. (LOWER)-Mental,financial and/or power struggles. Fear of Money.

BLOOD PRESSURE-(HIGH)Unsolved emotional problems;wanting to control everyone and everything. (LOW)Feeling unloved as a child or feeling defeated.

CHOLESTEROL/CIRCULATION-Needing to Let go and Flow. Fear of accepting and expressing emotions.

DIGESTIVE DISORDERS-Worry;not letting the self or the body relax.

FIBROID TUMORS-Over-responsibility;inability to release hurt from a partner.

HEART-Wanting to control everyone and everything;choosing money and materials over love.

LIVER-Chronic complaining;justifying fault-finding.

SINUS/RESPIRATORY-Restricted in expression;feeling trapped;overly sensitive.

SKIN PROBLEMS-Feeling threatened;not liking the Self’s image(Face).