Who needs a milkshake with this smoothie!! It’s so creamy and delicious you’ll delight your taste buds with every sip.;-)

1 frozen medium banana

3/4 cup of frozen organic raspberries

1 cup of coconut milk or your favorite milk  alternative

1 tsp of raw honey

Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy!!! Makes about 1-2 servings.

Calories= about 179   Fat=about 6g     Sugar=about 36g     *Protein= about 3g     Fiber=about 11g

Greek yogurt may also be used to increase protein.  I also add 1-2 teaspoon of grounded flaxseed for extra protein,  fiber , and omega-3.


  1. mark becker says:

    Thanks for the smoothie this morning it was sooo good!

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