DAY FIVE!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!! I feel so amazing.  Thanks Nkoji, Nicole, and Mr. Drew for your support this week!!! I also want to thank my husband for putting up with me when I was CRANKY!! He is the best, REALLY!!!  I can not wait to do another one, but most importantly, I CAN NOT WAIT TO EAT!!!!! Well, I should say eat again, my juicing buddies and I broke our fast together at around 3:00.  We had guacamole, tomatoes, and carrots..Okay, I had two fritos too…LOL    I got full fast.  I came home and had some more juice!!!!! I do not want to put too much on my system after these five awesome days. I hope you will join me as I do another five-day feast in the spring.  I also encourage you to  fast with me  for one day a week;-) Until we fast again……Health is Wealth!!!


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