One day almost down and four more to go!!!!! We can do it!!!! Hooray goes out to Mr. Drew, my co-worker, for hanging on in there;-)))  He is going full throttle.  No more meat, fasting, and a new healthy outlook on life! I hope that the rest of you are going just as strong.  Try not to think about food, which I know is going to be hard.  There was a moment today when I thought about making a homemade veggie pizza, minus the cheese, and then I had to change my focus.  Now some of  you may be thinking, REALLY, veggie pizza!!!  But that is one of  my comfort foods. This journey is a mental challenge and I guess it is safe to say emotional, since the majority of us eat according to how we are  feeling  and/or  how the food makes us feel. We are going to change how our emotions respond to healthier food.  One day a tall green smoothie will be that emotional pacifier instead of  your favorite indulgent after a stressful day.  Keep it up and let me know how your first day went….Health is Wealth!!!!!


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