Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

T.G.I.F!!!  It has been a long week!!!!!!!  I hope everyone had a healthy week;-) I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, by Joe Cross last night.   It is a must see!!!  Thanks Mr. Drew:-) It has inspired me to do a five-day juicing fast challenge! When I say me I really mean US…LOL  I will post a few of my favorite concoctions starting on Monday. I will also post a grocery list of items for you to get this weekend.  This fast will require a lot of patience, endurance,  fruits, and veggies;not to mention, access to the nearest restroom at any given time;-000 I am sooo excited!!! Please watch the documentary when you get some time.  Be inspired….Health is Wealth!!!!

2 thoughts on “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

  1. Our health is important and lets take the challenge ,whatever the challenge might be to improve it. And remember the whiter the bread the quicker your dead.

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