Your digestive system is probably in full throttle by now! I hope that you have been enjoying the smoothie recipes so far. I am so proud as well as thankful that you have chosen to start your healthy journey with me! I am loving my new blogging life;-DDD  I truly believe that Health is Wealth!!!! Thanks for your support and comments.  Enjoy day ten!

1 cup of organic spinach

1 cup of organic apple juice

1 frozen medium banana

5-7 leaves of organic dandelion greens-Dandelion greens are bitter, so you may want to use less until your taste buds adjust

Blend ingredients until smooth and get your digestive system revitalized!  Makes about 1-2 servings.

Calories=about 240     Fat=0    Sugar=about 43g    Protein=about 3g     Fiber=about 5g





  1. mark Becker says:

    Dear Beyond Blends,

    What is the benefit of organic greens compared to non- organic greens?

    • beyondblends says:

      I love your questions;-) Keep them coming….Organic greens are free from pesticides. Buying organic berries, greens, and celery is great; but locally grown organic produce is even better! Less food miles are required. Health is Wealth!!!

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