Day four and I am feeling FABULOUS!!!!   I posted this smoothie before, but I added a little kick, kale.  This smoothie is worth celebrating.  You will need a juicer to juice the celery.  I do not recommend blending the celery in a blender unless it’s very high-tech like the Vita-mix. Enjoy!

1 cup of organic celery juice- Wash a stalk of organic celery throughly before juicing. Set your juicer on low and feed a few stalks in at a time.  The low setting will allow the highest concentration of nutrients to be extracted

2 frozen medium bananas- Peel and freeze the night before

*Optional: raw honey

Calories= about 350  Fat=0g  Fiber=about 11g   

Protein=about 6g    Sugar=about 55g (5 grams less without the honey )



  1. beyondblends says:

    Ooooh, I forgot to mention that minor detail:-)))Your system is being cleansed…I remember being like that when I first started. Once your body gets adjusted the amount of visits to the bathroom will not be as frequent. Thanks for the feed back!

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