I hope that you are enjoying your smoothies so far this week.  Remember, if your body does not agree with some of the ingredients, add more of what it does agree with.  For example, this smoothie has a frozen banana as an ingredient, instead, use 1/2 cup more of frozen mangoes and it will be just as delicious! Health is Wealth!!!

1 cup/handful of organic spinach

1/2 cup of orange juice

1/2 cup of filtered water

1/2 cup of frozen mangoes-About 7-8 pieces

1 frozen medium banana-Peel before freezing;-)

*optional-1 tsp of raw honey  for added sweetness, which adds 5 more grams of sugar.

Combine orange juice, filterd water, frozen mangoes, and banana until smooth.  Add spinach until it is well blended.  Makes about two servings. You may also add ground flax seed for extra fiber and omegas. Enjoy!

Calories=about 292     Fat=0g     Sugar=about 36.5g    

Fiber=about 6g     Protein=about 3g


  1. mark becker says:

    Personally I enjoy the frozen bananas, but it’s nice to have options. Most challenges are so restrictive. Thanks for the tips. Health iss Wealth!

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