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Just broke my five-day juicing feast with a cup of Gerson’s vegetable soup.  Gerson doesn’t believe in adding salt/sodium to your meals, which is not the reason I got it, The Tree House was out of seaweed soup, so I tried this one…pretty good! My feasting was easy, it’s breaking the feast that’s hard because you don’t won’t to shut down your digestive system by eating a full course heavy meal.  A few sips of the soup and I was full.  I usually take it slow for the first three days, soups, fresh veggie juice, fruit, and herbal teas.  Although my taste buds are screaming ETHIOPIAN FOOD PLEASEEEEE, I know my system would be upset with me, so I’ll have to honor those wishes next week;-#  My state of mind was at its highest! Talk about clairvoyance! If you went on this journey with me this week, please share.  Remember….Health is Wealth!!!!


Accept the present and intend the future.”  Deepak Chopra

Quinoa Flour

Healthy greetings BB,
You know how much I love quinoa! I found some flour a few weeks ago at TJMAXX. I have been trying to post a picture but it won’t go through. I’ll figure it out:-) So back to the flour, which you can make homemade if you have some on hand. Google the recipe before you dive in. I have made homemade pancakes with this flour but I also added chickpea, which I made at home as well as bought some from Rocky’s Eastern Market, and rice flour because they help balance out the flavor. I also tossed a teaspoon of it in my smoothies and soups. I love it! Next time you are at TJMAXX look for it. The markers are GoGo Quinoa and it’s in a white bag for $5.99. Let me know if you get a chance to try it….


Hello BeyondBlends Family,

I have been training for the past ten weeks to prepare myself for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. Yes, I am doing it!!! Did you know that someone dies from breast cancer, somewhere in the world, every 74 seconds? I decided that it was time for me to do something that was bigger than my world of minute problems. I train with women who have gone through treatments, women that are going through it, or have family members that are going through it.  One woman’s mother died from breast cancer a few months ago and she found out that she had it a few days after her mother’s death. A month ago, she found out that she had brain cancer!!!! You would never know that this high spirited loving lady had a metal plate in her head, but she does.  As if she hadn’t been through enough, her fifteen year old daughter woke up to bloody breasts and is now waiting for the results. Her story really motivated me even more to walk for the cure. But I need to raise $2,300 in order to participate. I have raised $770 so far and I have less than thirty days until the event, which is August 17-19.  Will you consider donating any amount to help me reach my goal? You can go to, type in Tiesha Becker, and make a more than grateful donation. I have set a donation goal deadline for myself for August 1, 2012. I thank you in advance for your support.

Health is Wealth!



                        COURAGE STRENGTH FAITH HOPE

Curious Minds….

Fresh Pressed Yoga Family,

I had a conversation with a young lady at the holistic store the other day about eating meat. She is a raw foodist, which means she doesn’t eat any animal products nor does she eat cooked food. I practice eating raw food 80% of the time.  Three weeks has been the longest that I have gone without cooking my food.  There’s only so many ways to prepare walnuts and such;-0  That being said,   our conversation got really deep, which brought me to ask these questions…..1)Is eating meat unethical?  2)What is “Ethical Eating”? I’m still recalibrating my thoughts on both of these questions. I’m curious to get your take. Health is Wealth!!!

Butter Cup


This protein rich smoothie will help take the edge off of any busy day or week.  It is also a great post workout rejuvenation ;-)) ENJOY!!!!!

1 frozen ripe medium banana

2 tbsps. of sunflower butter or peanut butter

1 cup of purified water, rice milk , or your favorite alternative

You can also add a tbsp of 100% cacao powder for a chocolate peanut butter cup taste;-) Cacao is a great antioxidant.

*Sunflower butter has about  10 grams  more calories than peanut butter,  1 gram  more sugar, 1 gram more fiber, and 2 grams less protein.

Blend all ingredients until smooth and be delighted!



“Where do you get your protein from?” This is a frequent question that many people ask me.  Have you ever noticed that many of us take a very broad and complex subject and somehow filter out one or two aspects of that subject fixating on them and ignoring the rest of the particulars?  We grab onto one thing and don’t spend the time to investigate further.  Well, I was asked this question a few days ago and my answer with a big smile as always was, ” The same place that the “meat” that you eat gets its protein from, GREENS!!!!”  Many of the animals, such as chicken, pork, beef, and turkey, that people consume don’t eat other animals, they graze on greens and/or grains. Okay, pigs eat some of everything so maybe they are the exception,lol.  Have you ever met someone who was diagnosed with a protein deficiency? But I have met people who have been diagnosed with too much protein in their urine.   The recommended amount of protein for women is about 46  grams a day and men about 56 grams a day.  Take your weight and divide it in half then subtract 10 from it is the formula that I got from a nutritionist. Too much protein is known to be dangerous to your kidneys, especially those that have a kidney disease.

So what is protein??? Is it the meat or is it the essential nutrients that the meat is composed of?  Protein is made up of 100 or more different amino acids. These complex amino acids contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.  I won’t go into Chemistry 101, but I had to give you an overview. Okay, so  the body requires twenty different amino acids  of which eight to ten are referred to as essential amino acids.  There are two types, essential amino acids, which are the ones that our bodies cannot make and non-essential amino acids, which are ones that our bodies can make. The non-essential are just as important, but they form from compounds that are already in the body at a rate that meets the needs of normal growth and tissue repair.  The essential amino acids are: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylaianine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine, and Histine, which is only essential for babies.  There are fourteen non-essential amino acids, but I will spare you with the names;-)  My point is that you do not have to eat meat to get all of your essential amino acids.  You just have to be more aware of the food that you eat to make sure that you are getting a complete protein, all of the essential amino acids, which is something that I had to learn to do over the years.   Green vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds, have more protein per calorie than some meat and they are also easier to digest as well as provide disease fighting nutrients. It is a known fact  that green veggies are about 1/2 protein, 1/4 carbs, and 1/4  fat.  One hundred calories of broccoli has about 11.2 grams of protein  plus fiber versus a 100 calorie steak which has about 5.4 grams of protein no fiber.  I know that this is an eye full, but your health is BEYOND BLENDS .  Please seek your own truth.  Research, research, research, for yourself.  BE BOLD! BE BEAUTIFUL! BE YOU!!!!!  HEALTH IS WEALTH;-))